Apsara Doll Night – Culture meets Fashion

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Last night at Mito Hotel, Art, Culture, Music and Fashion meets. Artist Bora showcases his latest work of traditional outfit and a few modern pieces on American brand Barbie doll. The night was filled with guests of different ages, background, locals and foreigners anticipating the Event. Before it began, there was a lot of selfies and photos taken by an automated run photo booth. Guests were able to take photos using their phone, hashtag #MitoHotel upload to their Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, see it updated Live on TV screen and be able to print it. Now that’s awesome!

The event started with Apsara dancers blessing the stage, 3 of them performing separately and each with different style. Mito Hotel was able to broadcast it Live on their page. The Fashion Show began as models adorn in Boranich Tailor and Engineered by Remy dresses. Gently as they walk on the Runway 5 beautiful models chauffeuring Apsara Doll on their palm. Everyone eyes were gleaming, flashes, photos and video were rolling as each enters the Runway.

After the Fashion Show, a special surprise guest enters the stage. Ma Chanpanha, an acclaimed Artist whose original music soar the social sites in Cambodia, as well as represented Cambodia when visiting other countries. Handsomely dressed in Engineered by Remy but it’s his music and his voice that Fans grown to love. Ma Chanpanha sang Forever Alone, serenaded Athena, Piya, Lina, Thavy, and Geneva on stage. Guests sang along as well, took photos and Live video of viewership was growing on Ma Chanpanha Fan Page. To top the night, Ma Chanpanha wasn’t alone, another surprise guest enter the stage and it was no other than teen sensation and lead Actress of 3.50, Dy Sonita. Certainly Dy Sonita is talented when it comes to acting but little did we know of her as an Artist. As soon as her voice hits the microphone, everyone was shock. Both of them sang a beautiful ballad of Snaeh Chlong Veha by Sinn Sisamouth and Dy Saveth.

What an amazing night, this event was truly nothing I have seen before and it’s these types of events that make Mito Hotel different from other Hotel. They truly live, support, preserve Art, Culture, Music, Film, Fashion and everything a Modern Lifestyle. Thank you for the invitation and planning Remy Hou. You and your team are one of a kind.

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